July 31,
photo of model using Brow Perfect 3D

Brows are one of the most personal features of the face and the focal point of your eye makeup. From their shape to the color, texture and style, they’re the perfect centerpiece to express yourself. No matter what type of brows you have, discover how our BrowPerfect 3D All-in-One Styler can help you achieve a look of your very own.

How bold do you want your brows?

brow style no fill fluffy brows
No Fill, Just Fluff

Comb brows in opposite direction of hair growth to “tease” them. Groom with brow gel, combing up and slightly over with a spoolie.

brow style no makeup makeup
No Makeup Makeup

Comb brows with brow gel first. Once dry, fill in any gaps with pencil.

brow style natural and defined
Naturally Filled & Defined

Use short feathery strokes with brow pencil to create the natural texture of brow hairs.

brow style maximum definition
Maximum Definition

Follow the natural shape of the brow with powder first, then build and shape as desired with pencil. 

Want more from BrowPerfect 3D? Watch the videos below for more tips and tricks.

brow perfect 3d sparse brows

Sparse Brows

brow perfect 3d thin brows

Thin Brows

brow perfect 3d uneven brows

Uneven Brows

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